Who is Yolo Bearings

TKO-YOLOIt’s always been about YOLO for Doug and Julie Glass.  When starting over in their journey in 2015 the risk was so high.  They believed in themselves and even if they failed, what then? YOLO.  They live their life as if they’ll never fail even though they have failed so many times. YOLO.  They fell in love without the fear of being hurt even though so many doubted them.  YOLO.  They became the world’s best in their sports, both skating World Champions – Doug on quads and Julie on inlines.  YOLO.  It’s how they lived their whole lives thus far, they’re certain not to stop now.  YOLO!  LIVE YOUR OWN AUTHENTIC LIFE.  YOLO!

What sets YOLO apart?  We’re aware there are many brands to pick from – so many good bearings on the market, where do we fit in? Before launching a new bearing brand to an over crowded market we had to come up with a way to separate our products from the others. We already know our brand sets us apart as its a the only bearing brand directly owned by skaters for skaters that live, eat and breathe skating 24/7. It’s a brand that is attached to the owners lifestyle – past,  present and future.  However, we know product quality and service is important.

We’re doing what no other bearing brand currently offers – YOLO bearings (SWISS & CERAMIC) are ultrasonic cleaned, pre broken-in, oiled, and packaged by hand at our HQ in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We are so confident in our Bearings that we offer a 30 day guarantee for anyone who is not completely satisfied. Simply return them for credit. Valid though all participating Yolo dealers or directly at YoloBearings.com